Psychiatrist and Medication

Psychiatrist Medication

Finding a Psychiatrist and the right medication can be an important part of your path to restoring well-being

Psychiatrist and Medication Are Important

At New Directions Counseling Services, we believe that, while there is not a “magic pill” that can eliminate emotional struggles, there are times when mental health medication from our psychiatrists can play an important role in helping to alleviate emotional pain and related symptoms. In fact, a psychiatrist and medication can be essential in providing a jump start on the path towards recovering your psychological well being. We believe in an integrative approach to providing psychiatric services, involving coordination of care between your psychiatrist and your therapist/counselor.

Are you considering finding a psychiatrist? Are you or someone close to you experiencing one or more of the following?

If you answered yes, then it is very likely that an evaluation with one of our psychiatrists would be a positive step towards reducing your suffering or the suffering of your loved one. Our psychiatric staff are available to provide psychiatric services to children, teens and adults.

What can I expect if I schedule an appointment? When you meet with our psychiatrist, you can expect the following:

      • A thorough diagnostic evaluation to specify the nature of your symptoms
      • An emphasis on treating you- or your loved one- personally, as an individual who is suffering and not just as a group of symptoms or a disorder
      • An emphasis on helping you or your loved one to understand the nature of the difficulties you are having
      • Prescription of psychiatric medications in a strategic, compassionate manner that includes explanation of the likely course of treatment and of possible side effects of the medications being prescribed
      • Encouragement and support in making positive changes in your life including coordination of care with your therapist at New Directions.

Psychiatric medication can be an integral part of care when you are struggling with painful symptoms.  Some people are able to benefit fairly quickly, and only need medication for a period of 6 to 12 months. Others may need the long term support of psychiatric medications. Every situation, just like every person, is different and our psychiatrists take the time necessary to determine the optimal treatment for what you or your loved one is going through.

Please contact our office at 724-934-3905, or via our online Contact Form, for more information or to schedule an appointment.