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Evan Sonnet, MHC

Evan Sonnet is a smiling man with short cropped hair and glasses. He is wearing a tan dress shirt and a tie. He has a mustache and small goatee.Now Accepting New Clients! As a pre-licensed professional I am up-to-date on therapeutic approaches and work collaboratively to support you! Coping with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for the past 20+ years allowed me to experience both side of the counselor-counselee dynamic. I conduct honest, in-depth conversations that allows clients to feel at ease with the self-directed decision they make to bolster their personal, educational, or vocational pursuits. A diverse group of adolescents, adults, veterans, and those with disabilities will prosper from advice gained from one of our conversations.

Clients will be encouraged to stop their current thoughts to ensure impulsive behavior will not result in negative consequences. You are in control of your thoughts and perceptions—make them, and your life—the best ever! I create an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere to share your thoughts, feelings, problems, or concerns and we can problem solve solutions.

After navigating trauma in my own life, I will share the tactics I used to realize comfort and peace.

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