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Change begins here at New Directions. Because it’s important to have a nurturing, team-approach to creating sustainable changes in your life. Our caring counselors, psychologists, nutritionists and psychiatric team are dedicated to using traditional and alternative caring solutions to support your long-lasting change.

Counseling & Therapy

Our counselors and psychologists, at our office locations in Wexford and Robinson, are compassionate experts. We treat adults, children, teens, couples and families struggling with many types of challenges including: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, recovery from trauma, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, disruptive behavior problems and parenting difficulties.

Nutrition Counseling

Our approach to Nutrition Counseling is holistic with the aim of improving your health and the quality of your life. Our nutritionists are registered dietitians who help you meet your body’s nutritional needs and make positive lifestyle changes. Our staff is available to help adults, teens and children with healthy eating habits, weight management, eating disorders, GI dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and more.

Medication Guidance

At New Directions Counseling Services, our psychiatrists believe there is not a “magic pill” that eliminates emotional struggles. But there are times when mental health medication from our psychiatrists can play an important role to alleviate emotional pain.

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