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Research on the effects and treatment of trauma has revealed that traumatic experiences often have a long. Trauma recovery is an important part of the healing process. At New Directions Mental Health, we offer trauma therapy as one of our mental health counseling options.

Our approach to trauma treatment aims to help people cope with the physical and emotional pain they have experienced due to traumatic events. Our counselors are dedicated to assisting individuals to work through their pain and heal from their trauma to live healthier lives. We can help you overcome your trauma and take back control of your life—call us today at 724.374.7414

We Support Survivors Every Step of the Way

When a person experiences a sense of threat, the central nervous system’s fight or flight response is activated. In the face of traumatic events, a person’s system can become completely overwhelmed, resulting in a chronically overactive fight or flight response or a chronic sense of reliving the traumatic events. The nervous system essentially becomes stuck in a defensive physiological state.  


Traumatic experiences often have a long-lasting physiological and psychological impact which may, depending upon the nature of the traumatic events, include:  


  • Disruption in the functioning of the centers of the brain that involve higher order, abstract thinking and that regulate attention and concentration  
  • Heightened activity in the part of the brain that interprets threat and danger  
  • Sympathetic nervous system dominance  
  • Sense of disconnection or dissociation from others or the environment  
  • Sense of disconnection from oneself and one’s own body  
  • Tendency to relive or reenact the traumatic events, and distress upon exposure to anything that serves as a reminder of the events  
  • Nightmares  
  • Social withdrawal including significant difficulty trusting others—even a spouse or partner  
  • Trouble controlling emotions  
  • Aggressive impulses based on an overactive sense of needing to defend oneself  
  • Confusion or inhibition in the area of sexuality  
  • Altered sense of meaning in life  

At New Directions Mental Health, our approach to trauma treatment aims to work through the long-term effects of trauma and help clients heal. Our experienced counselors use a variety of evidence-based treatment methods, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), to help clients process and manage their traumas.   

Understanding Our Approach to Trauma Treatment in Pennsylvania

Our therapists will utilize a comprehensive approach to helping you to recover from trauma. We tailor therapy to the specific needs of each client’s situation using some combination of the following strategies:  

  • Development of effective coping skills for regulating emotional states and physiology and for improving lifestyle habits  
  • Body-awareness exercises facilitate more effective processing of emotions and ease reconnection with an increased regard for one’s own body  
  • Processing the emotional impact of the traumatic events to make greater sense of experiences that have produced significant pain and confusion  
  • Nutrition therapy to help with rebalancing the central nervous system  
  • Referral, if necessary, for a medication evaluation (available at our practice)  
  • We work with trauma survivors holistically to restore healthy mind and body functioning so that our clients can release the past and feel more genuinely alive in the present  

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and caring environment in which individuals can work on healing from their trauma.  

Advantages of Seeking Trauma Treatment

Seeking trauma treatment offers numerous benefits that facilitate healing and promote overall well-being. By engaging in therapy, individuals can:  

  • Gain a better understanding of their trauma and its impacts on their lives  
  • Learn effective coping mechanisms to manage distressing symptoms  
  • Rebuild self-esteem and regain a sense of control over their lives  
  • Improve interpersonal relationships by addressing issues related to trust and intimacy  
  • Foster resilience and personal growth  

Accessing professional help for trauma is a crucial step toward recovery, empowering individuals to process their experiences and move forward with renewed strength and hope.  

Call New Directions Mental Health to Get on the Path to Your Trauma Recovery

At New Directions Mental Health, our approach to trauma treatment is personalized to our client’s needs and goals for mental health. Our experienced psychiatrists and counselors understand the complexities and challenges associated with trauma recovery and can help you create an action plan for getting your life back on track. We look forward to helping you reclaim your health and your life. Contact us today at 724.374.7414 to get started.