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Mental Health Treatment Options

a woman discusses with her therapist about mental health treatment services that would suit her while her therapist listens and takes notesAt New Directions Mental Health, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality mental health care to our patients. Our network of clinics offers a full suite of outpatient mental health services, including counseling and therapy, psychiatry and medication management, nutrition counseling, TMS therapy, and Spravato. Our team of mental health care professionals is committed to helping our patients achieve their mental health goals. Contact us today at 724.374.7414 to learn more about our mental health disorders treatment options and how we can support you on your mental health journey. 


Find a therapist that works for you

At New Directions Mental Health, we believe in the transformative power of therapy. Our highly trained therapists use a variety of evidence-based techniques to help patients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Whether you’re dealing with a specific issue, or just looking to improve your overall well-being, we’re here to support you on your journey to mental health and happiness.


Explore an integrative approach with prescription medication

At New Directions Mental Health, we understand the importance of holistic mental health care. That’s why we psychiatry services, including medication management. Our knowledgeable psychiatrists work closely with our therapy team to create personalized treatment plans that address each patient’s unique needs. With a focus on both mind and body, our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Discover our heart-centered, holistic approach

At New Directions Mental Health, we believe in the power of nutrition to support mental wellness. That’s why we offer personalized nutrition counseling to help our patients achieve optimal health. Our registered dietitians will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle, goals, and individual nutritional needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your mood, manage a medical condition, or simply eat healthier, we’re here to support you.


Fight against depression

At New Directions Mental Health, we offer Spravato, a cutting-edge treatment for individuals with treatment-resistant depression. This innovative medication is administered in a monitored setting, ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients. Spravato has been proven to provide rapid and long-lasting relief, making it an important tool in the fight against depression.


Gain complete perspective from your symptoms and feelings

At New Directions Mental Health, we understand the importance of thorough psychological evaluations for individuals seeking mental health care. Our team of highly trained mental health professionals utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to perform comprehensive assessments and provide accurate diagnoses for a wide range of mental health conditions. Our aim is to provide patients with personalized and effective treatment plans, based on their unique needs and goals.


A noninvasive alternative for those who have tried everything

At New Directions Mental Health, we offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a non-invasive treatment option for individuals struggling with depression. TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain, which has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression. Our team of mental health professionals are trained in administering TMS therapy, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for our patients.