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Child&Teen Therapist

Children and Teens who are struggling can find help from our therapists.

Our therapists and counselors help with:

Child and Teen therapists

Our children and teenagers need a therapist to connect with, share with and trust

We have child and teen therapists specifically trained to provide them with a safe, supportive environment. This helps them learn more effective ways of managing confusing or upsetting emotional states and to learn new ways of viewing and interacting with the world around them. Our therapists work to build on the strengths and resources of each child or teen and her/his family in order to help overcome the types of challenges listed above. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the healthy, vibrant psychological development of your child.

Child and teen therapists at our practice tailor to the specific needs of each family’s situation incorporating some combination of the following strategies:

  • Individual therapy for purposes of helping the child or adolescent with development of:
    • Relaxation skills
    • Assertiveness skills
    • Emotion regulation skills
    • Healthy lifestyle habits
    • Improved behavior patterns
    • Improved self-worth
    • Relationship skills
    • Resolution of painful emotional experiences linked to traumatic events
  • Family Therapy
  • Parent Effectiveness Counseling
  • Referral, if necessary, for a medication evaluation (available at our practice)
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