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Resolve issues and reconnect with your partner with the help of our experienced couples counselors.

Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling

Signs that your marriage or relationship is in need of help:

  • You and your spouse or partner don’t feel connected anymore or there is a sense of distance in your relationship.
  • You and your spouse or partner are fighting frequently, and may have developed a seemingly endless cycle of: criticism, conflict, and withdrawal followed by making up.
  • You no longer trust your spouse or partner due to deceit, infidelity, and/or an addictive behavior.
  • You don’t feel like your needs are being met by your spouse or partner.
  • You are contemplating divorce.

If you are thinking that you might need help with your relationship, you probably do! Studies indicate that most couples do not seek help until 6 to 7 years after the onset of difficulties often placing the continuation of the relationship in significant peril.

Each partner in a marriage or relationship has the challenging task of balancing three realities:

  • Your perceptions, feelings, needs, and desires
  • Your partner’s perceptions, feelings, needs, and desires
  • The needs of the relationship

Integrating these three dimensions is what results in a sense of emotional connection. Significant problems develop when a couple’s sense of emotional closeness and connection becomes compromised.

A sense of closeness to your spouse or partner along with a sense of emotional and physical security is essential to a healthy, intimate relationship. Many factors can have a negative or harmful effect on these core ingredients including:

  • infidelity or deceit
  • domestic violence
  • insufficient relationship skills
  • the negative effect of painful experiences in past relationships or marriages
  • the effects of stress from work, children, finances, etc.
  • physical or mental health challenges for one or both partners including addictions
  • relationship difficulties with parents or in-laws.

The aims of Couples Therapy at our practice include: resolving painful feelings of hurt and anger; moving beyond emotional blocks to increased intimacy; addressing individual psychological challenges contributing to the relationship struggles; and developing relationship skills.