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Amanda Kriger, BA, MS, LPC

I am a provider at our Monongahela clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth.

Have you ever felt stuck and as if life has just been weighing you down? Are you looking for rest and support in your everyday life when it feels just too overwhelming? Do you struggle with addictions and engage in negative coping skills to numb out your feelings? Or maybe you’re ready to get to the core of pain and trauma you have been holding onto for as long as you can remember. Life is full of changes and decisions that can feel as if ii is too much and the world is against you. We often want a safe space that is free of judgement and disregard of what we are feelings. A safe space where we are willing to accept that we want to make a change and the freedom to decide what that may be. Are you ready to take on the challenge of being vulnerable and the desire to make progressive change to improve your quality of life?

As a therapist, I meet my clients where they are at and offer an approach that is going to meet their individual needs. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults, in both individual and group settings. I have worked extensively with substance use and co-occurring disorders in adults, as well as working in the criminal justice system providing treatment to incarcerated individuals. I have experience treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief, childhood behavioral problems, ADHD, OCD, substance and process addictions, and personality disorders. Theoretically, I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and a Humanistic approach to help clients better understand themselves, as well as motivating themselves to build self-confidence to weather any emotional storm them may face.

My purpose is to help individuals explore their past to better understand what is going on in their present life to build a healthier future. I believe in empowering individuals to see their full potential and what opportunities await, as well as offering a safe space where emotions and feelings can be shared openly and freely. While being warm, humorous, and direct, I help my clients improve their relationships with themselves and the people they interact with the most. I genuinely believe that people are allowed to make mistakes and growth comes from overcoming any type of adversity. My clients are the experts on their own lives, but sometimes can get stuck in patterns they are unaware of without someone guiding them to awareness.