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Beth Marcieski, PA-C


I am a Physician Assistant at the Greensburg location of New Directions who provides psychiatry services in person and via telehealth. My physician assistant training was at St. Francis University in Loretto and University of Nebraska Medical Center. I have a diverse professional background with expertise in the fields of mental health and addiction medicine.

I work with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, PTSD, ADHD and a wide range of other psychiatric conditions. I gather information from a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to make an accurate diagnosis and present a treatment plan. Each person’s experience with a mental health diagnosis is unique and requires a customized treatment approach. I welcome everyone as every person is worthy of mental health treatment. I am committed to actively engaging patients in making informed decisions regarding their mental health treatment. This makes patient collaboration and education very essential in the care I provide.

Your mental health matters! I am committed to trying to reduce the stigma around mental health and its treatment. I want potential patients to know that mental health conditions are treatable just like other chronic physical health conditions. Psychiatric medications, psychotherapy, lifestyle modifications and newer interventional treatment methods can bring relief from suffering and a better quality of life. Seeking mental health treatment takes courage and I always want people to feel they made the right choice in doing so. I strive to create a trusting, empathetic space where patients feel heard and supported. I continually try to get the best outcomes for patients by combining evidence-based care with their treatment preferences. My ultimate goal is to help people reduce their mental distress and find balance and peace in order to lead satisfying lives.