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James VanZandt

I can help people who are struggling with addiction and other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. I can help people who are grieving and working through that process. Because of my extensive business career I can help individual who are struggling with a the right career path or discovering their sense of purpose.

I look forward to helping all types of clients that are looking to become more healthy and learn to cope with any mental disorder that is holding them back from being content and being the best version of themselves that they dream t be in the future. If a client is struggling with depression or anxiety from a life event of a disorder that is genetic I can help them learn to understand their disorder and move forward with daily progress. My ideal client will be seeking to discover their full potential and what might be holding them back and realizing what they need to live life at their fullest.

I offer a plethora of life experiences from living in different parts of the US and working in corporate America to helping build a successful family business. I am in recovery from alcoholism so I understand how hard the disease of addiction can be and what it takes to persevere in recovery and build resilience. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and losing my father who was my mentor and idol. I can offer strategies to overcome these traumatic struggles and learn to become a more resilient and content person.