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Kayla Cramer, MS


I utilized motivational interviewing to meet individuals where they’re at in their mental health journey. I apply techniques from choice theory, CBT and DBT depending on what goals the individual wants to accomplish. Mental health issues can be extremely overwhelming and I want to help people by encouraging and empowering people to make the hard choices in prioritizing their well being and happiness.

I enjoy working with individuals who want to take charge of their mental health. I’ve worked with children and adults with a variety of diagnoses. However, my main goal with each is to help the individual learn what is their best life and how to prioritize their self care and mental health to make that happen. We would work towards this goal by identifying habits that are not beneficial, learning coping skills for anxiety and negative thought management, and building habits to support the individuals best life.

My passion for mental health comes from my own personal struggle, I wanted to know why I felt so “wrong”. After years of study and taking the brave step to put myself in therapy, I was diagnosed with depression. After years of study, I practice the same advice I give to individuals. Some days are hard but others I enjoy my other passions of reading, video games, and crafts. I have a growing family of loved ones, friends, and fur children. I want to educate and empower people to be authentically themselves in the healthiest way possible.