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Louis Lamanna

I am a provider at our Monroeville clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I love working with individuals of all ages from varied and diverse backgrounds. I enjoy supporting people who are adjusting to new life circumstances, looking to gain a deeper understanding of their relationships with others, or wanting to increase their sense of meaning and purpose in life. Together, we will honor the struggle bringing you to therapy while holding the possibility for real, long lasting transformation.

I have been trained in many approaches to therapy and I believe that it is my role to work collaboratively with my clients to find the approach that works best for them. I believe that healing takes place in the context of the relationship between therapist and client and that an important part of the work is developing a connection where one feels truly seen and heard.

Seeking therapy is a sign of personal strength, not weakness. It takes a great amount of self-awareness, humility, and courage to be able to ask for help. If you’re curious about what therapy can offer you, I encourage you to reach out.