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Margaret O’Neill, MHC

I am a provider at our McMurray clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I have over 25 years of experience working in the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol fields, I have worked with both adolescents and adults. My background is in Humanistic Psychology, my approach is patient-centered, respectful and focused on the goals that patient has in mind when they come in to session each day. Every patient is unique, and has different issues and concerns they want to focus on, it’s my job to listen, offer insights and observations to them and see what they want to achieve. I see the time spent with my patients as a collaboration, with that person’s needs as the focus of our time.

Each client comes to therapy with a different set of needs, goals and objectives. Something they want to address and possibly work on. This is the way we work together, as a collaborative effort, to ensure the client comes to achieve their own personal goals. A desire to change something…that is what brings a person into the therapeutic process, it’s never a “straight line”, to that goal, but as long as the client needs and wants that change process, that’s what look for. I am the “guide” along the way. They show me their path, and we will walk it together, for as long as they want to stay on it, until their goal is achieved.

You, the client, have the deep seated need to change….to change something which holds you back from living a fuller, happier, or more peaceful existence. This process is unique to YOU and your world. A therapist is here to listen, to empathize, to share observations and suggestions that you may not yet be aware of. Respect, empathy and personal achievement of your goals is what my work entails.