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Sandhiya Baladhandapani

Sandhiya (pronounced Sun.thee.ya) Baladhandapani is a Masters level therapist offering individual psychotherapy focused on supporting children and parents/caregivers, adolescents and young adults(ages 2-30).Sandhiya utilizes relational, neuroscience and psychosocial approaches. Sandhiya integrates Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Play therapy, Family systems, Cognitive, Behavioral and Culturally Responsive interventions as appropriate to each person during the course of treatment.

Sandhiya facilitates agency for their clients in understanding of self(body and mind) in relation to their interpersonal and social environments. Sandhiya provides an attuned therapeutic environment to facilitate sensory supported skills building so clients can learn to cope with their distress, when they know they are ready to receive support. Sandhiya has learnt from their diverse experiences that each person, with continued access to care, can continue to utilize available resources and create meaning in their lives.

Sandhiya has experience treating people who struggle with neurodevelopmental disorders – Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, neurodivergent stressors, anxiety, self esteem, mood disorders, grief and bereavement, family and social stressors, school stressors, acculturative stressors, LGBTQIA+ stressors, and transition to adulthood.

Sandhiya has professional experience working in school and office settings with children and parents/caregivers, adolescents, young adults and adults. Sandhiya received their Masters in Counseling Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.

Sandhiya is a first generation South Asian and fluent in the Tamil language. Sandhiya enjoys science fiction, traveling and hiking with their dogs.