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Mother’s Day Lunch

Mother’s Day: Did I Eat Lunch Today?
by Robyn Sechler, RD

One week later and don’t you wish it was Mother’s Day again! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have breakfast in bed again, with fresh hot coffee while your kids clean their rooms, make their beds and get dressed without you having to tell them? But in the real world, Mother’s Day is only one day per year. In fact, it may be more likely that you were woken up by pitter pats of little feet , dive-bombed while still in your bed. Maybe you said “go back to bed”, then you saw their sleepy-faced-tousled-hair smiles and your heart melted.  Then…”Mom, I’m hungry”.  The day begins. A day full of making meals, doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher and tidying up all while somehow playing baseball and completing puzzles with the kids.  Stay-at-home moms are master multi-taskers! Working moms have a similar scenario as soon as they walk in the door at 6pm

Find a way to eat your own healthy meal.

Even on Mother’s Day – Find a way to eat your own healthy meal.

But, Mom, on this day devoted to you (or any other day for that matter) did you have a proper breakfast? How about a satisfying and nutritious lunch? No? Ok, how was your dinner? Oh, you didn’t have one… And eating the left-overs from little Johnny’s plate does not count

These meals are important to both your body and mind health. Here are ten strategies to help you take care of yourself:

  1. Set aside 15-30 minutes every day for “me time”; read a book, take a walk, take a bubble bath, do yoga in your basement, catch up on face book, phone a friend or just sit in the quiet
  2. Eat meals with your children. Not their meals, but one for yourself
  3. Include healthy snacks to avoid becoming over-hungry later
  4. Eat breakfast every day
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals
  7. Set your alarm for 15 minute earlier to allow time to spend on yourself
  8. Create routines
  9. Accept a little disarray
  10. Get some sunlight

On all other days, after Mother’s Day, remember that taking care of yourself allows you to better take care of your family and loved ones.

If you want to build a sustainable nutrition change, contact New Directions Counseling Services and one of our registered dietitians can partner with you.