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Heart centered healing

At the Heart of New Directions ♥
An interview with New Directions Founder/Owner Michael Schneider, Psy.D.
Winter 2015

Heart centered healing based counseling service ♥

Heart centered healing based counseling service ♥

When you come to New Directions Counseling Services, you can expect to be greeted in a compassionate, caring way that exemplifies the founder’s deep regard for the lives of others and for the process of creating life changes. A personally tailored therapy based on your needs is developed in relationship with one of our therapists. It’s what Michael Schneider, owner and founder of New Directions Counseling Services, envisioned when he first started his own practice in 2000. Years later with the addition of other client-centered therapists, New Directions Counseling Services was formed in 2009.

“I wanted to deliver the type of care that was holistic with a heart-centered place for healing”, mused Michael as he recounted the history of building up his practice. “I believe healing can come from the inside out through a meaningful therapeutic relationship,” he continued. New Directions has made strides towards it’s founder’s dream by offering nutrition counseling, therapists that offer a deeply caring approach to meeting clients’ needs and even psychiatric services for those that need the assistance of medication.

The emphasis at many other counseling practices is on viewing the person seeking help in terms of a set of symptoms or a diagnosis instead of connection, healing and personal transformation. The counseling offered at New Directions considers the whole person so that a plan for sustainable changes can be developed and implemented with a focus on helping each client to move in desired and needed directions. People have a place in which they can come to heal, attain their goals, and transform their lives. It’s an opportunity to pursue a different, more satisfying, more nurturing and more gratifying path in life. Even Michael has noticed a change in himself over the years. “By being available to others, I have increased my compassion, expanded my wisdom and been called to explore parts of my own life that have needed more attention.”

“We want to help people be courageous in making the change they have always desired,” said Michael as he began to sum up his future hopes for New Directions. He went on to say that change is a necessary component to our lives, because stagnation leads to illness. “Our continued hope is to provide a compassionate environment which will inspire people’s investment in a healthy lifestyle, being more connected with life and more passionate about living.”

To center your heart, build your courage, and start a process of healing or transformation, contact New Directions Counseling Services today.