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Our therapists are skilled in helping adults, children, teens, couples and families struggling with many types of challenges including: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, recovery from trauma, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, disruptive behavior problems and parenting difficulties. Read More



Our holistic approach places emphasis on helping clients to improve their health and well-being though a combination of nutritional education, dietary changes, nutritional supplements and lifestyle enhancements. Our staff is available to help adults, teens and children with many type of challenges including healthy eating habits, weight management, eating disorders, GI dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and more. Read More

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Psychotherapy Blog


Deposit into Relationships and the Emotional Bank Account Relationship’s little moments add up to a big moment By David A. Morris, LCSW Start depositing positive things into your relationships and your partner’s emotional bank account. It’s the difference between “[shrug] I don’t know” and “I’ll go check :)”. In intimate relationships, we are involved in consistent interactions through out the …

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Breaking Family and Relationship Patterns

Breaking Family and Relationship Patterns How taking responsibility plays a role. David A. Morris, LCSW Taking responsibility has become an afterthought in our society. The whimsical phrase “get forgiveness instead of permission” has become more of a societal philosophy. The relationships and family attachments we have are suffering from an increase in needing forgiveness or a lack of bothering to even …

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Nutrition Blog


Everything’s Fine, But You Still Don’t Feel Right? The role of micronutrients in our bodies. By Jessica Marshall, RD “All the tests are normal. The labs seem fine. And you still don’t feel okay?” quizzed the doctor. In our current world, the situation you just read is becoming more and more common. One possibility to consider is the deficiency or …

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Emotional Eating Group

Overcoming the Shame of Emotional Eating Join our New Emotional Eating Support Group by Tory Butterworth, PhD Do you often feel alone when coping with your emotional eating? Are you feeling sick and tired of doing this on your own? Doesn’t a supportive, understanding group of women sound great? Build your understanding of shame through social group connections. Shame is …

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