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Our counselors and psychologists, Wexford/Pittsburgh area, are skilled in helping adults, children, teens, couples and families struggling with many types of challenges including: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, recovery from trauma, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, disruptive behavior problems and parenting difficulties. Read More



Our holistic approach places emphasis on helping clients to improve their health and well-being though a combination of nutritional education, dietary changes, nutritional supplements and lifestyle enhancements. Our staff is available to help adults, teens and children with many type of challenges including healthy eating habits, weight management, eating disorders, GI dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and more. Read More

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Psychotherapy Blog

April Winter Blues

April Winter Blues? Really? Find some early spring tips to feel better. By David A. Morris, LCSW Are you feeling sad? Are you noticing your energy hasn’t come back yet? Several clients of mine have recently returned from sunny weather and immediately noticed the positive shift in motivation. Winter blues in April just doesn’t seem right. Typically we would be …

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A Blue Light Behavior Plan

A Screen Time Behavior Plan How to manage your child’s exposure to blue light / back lit technology By David A. Morris, LCSW We know from the last blog “The Battle for Screen Time” that back lit technology (Flat screen televisions, smart phones, e-readers, tablets and more) significantly numbs your brain’s reward system, increases stress, and causes havoc to your …

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Nutrition Blog

Vitamin K2 and Your Bone Health

Meet Vitamin K2: Maximize Your Bone’s Health By Jessica Marshall, RD Vitamin K2 is turning out to be the next royal darling in the kingly family for bone health. If Calcium was deemed the queen and Vitamin D was later found to be her king, Vitamin K2 is also a key building block in the relationship.  Alongside Magnesium, zinc, boron, …

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Everything’s Fine, But You Still Don’t Feel Right? The role of micronutrients in our bodies. By Jessica Marshall, RD “All the tests are normal. The labs seem fine. And you still don’t feel okay?” quizzed the doctor. In our current world, the situation you just read is becoming more and more common. One possibility to consider is the deficiency or …

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