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emotional eating group


8 Saturdays ONLY
Starting March 4, 2017
10am – 11:30am
Group Leader: Tory Butterworth, Ph.D
Cost: We accept most health insurance plans
$60 per session if not using insurance

Do you often feel alone when coping with your emotional eating?

Are you feeling sick and tired of doing this on your own?

Doesn’t a supportive, understanding group of women sound great?

Make change with a supportive, understand group of women!

The group is there for you to:

  • Explore your Patterns of Emotional Eating
  • Develop Practical Ways to Change
  • Create Your Personal Program of Change
  • Learn How to Move Past Shame

It’s time to S.T.O.P. eating your feelings. We can help by connecting with you the information and people that you need to make difficult changes in your eating behaviors. In these eight group sessions Dr. Butterworth will provide guidance and connect you with other people who truly know and understand your struggle. Emotional eating cannot be conquered alone

To join the group or find out more information:  Call 724-934-3905 or send an email to