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It’s our heart centered approach to healing.

It’s our heart centered approach to healing

Individual Therapy with Adults for:


Are You Stuck and Feeling Overwhelmed with Life’s Challenges?

Would a positive, lasting change really help right now?

We all reach points in our lives, where the pressure gets to be too much for too long. It makes sense to want to reach out and ask for help. At New Directions Counseling Services, LLC, we are proud to say, “Change Begins Here!” Our caring, supportive and highly experienced professional staff understands how to help you overcome obstacles to making the changes that you desire. Just as important, our therapists focus on helping to make these changes lasting and sustainable.

A place for change, healing and transformation.

A place for change, healing and transformation


Would a caring, comfortable, safe place to talk be helpful?

Are you ready? Have you reached that time in your life where you need to ask for guidance?

Imagine a person there for you, listening, and attentive to your needs. Our therapists provide psychotherapy and counseling for adults, children, teens, couples, and families struggling with many types of challenges including: depression; bipolar disorder; anxiety; recovery from traumatic experiences; grief and loss; relationship difficulties; sexual dysfunctions; eating disorders; substance abuse; pain management; disease management; ADHD; parenting difficulties; and disruptive behavior problems.