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Looking for Harmony / My Transformations? You’re in the right place.

Harmony / My Transformations has joined New Directions Mental Health, a group of mental health clinics who have served their southwestern Pennsylvania communities for years. Though our site may look different, the high quality care you have come to expect remains the same.

Treatment that works

Welcome to the new New Directions!

Harmony / My Transformations has joined with several other mental health clinics in the southwestern Pennsylvania region. We are still maintaining the same level of high-quality mental health care that you have come to expect from us. This change will help us to strengthen and grow all of the services we offer, while also empowering us to add more mental health care treatment options. Your providers will be better supported and have more resources to help you on your mental health journey. Our locations will remain the same, and we will continue to communicate any changes as they come. 

Frequently asked Questions

 Our practice is merging with several other local practices under the new name of New Directions Mental Health. We are excited about this new partnership because it will strengthen the services we already provide to our community and expand transformative treatments across the region. 

You will begin to receive communications from New Directions Mental Health for all aspects of your care including appointment reminders and billing information. On this new website you can still access our patient portal, pay your bill online, and access your telehealth appointments. You may see new signage at your clinic. 

Your clinic location and providers will not change as part of this new partnership, and you will not see any changes to your billing or insurance.

 You can expect to receive the same high-quality mental health care you have come to expect from our teams. You should not notice any negative impacts to your care. Our goal is to provide your treatment team with more support and resources – which will help them to better support you over time.

No. Nothing about this change will negatively impact your ability to access affordable mental health care through our clinics. The name of our organization will change on your insurance documentation and EOBs, on any payment platforms you use and on any card statements. If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to (866) 800-2057 or reach out via email at patientservices@transformationsnetwork.com

No. Our teams are hard at work to ensure that your experience is as simplified and seamless as possible.

In most cases your treatment team will remain the same. Just like in normal operations, it is possible we will hire on new team members or team members will move on to new opportunities. If any changes occur, our team will reach out to you to discuss options and find a path forward that helps meet your unique needs and treatment goals.  

For the majority of our clients, this will not affect the care that you currently receive from any of our providers. If there has been a change in your provider, you should have already received notice about this and our process to ensure that your mental health journey is not impacted. 

No. Our office locations will stay the same. In fact, this change will allow us to open additional clinics, that may be more conveniently located for you. We’ll be sure to let you know about our new locations as they open. 

Our status with our insurance providers will not change as a result of this new partnership.