Effectively Managing Weight

Support and nurturance are vital to inspiring healthy weight management.

Support and nurturance are vital to inspiring healthy weight management

On the surface, weight loss appears to be a very simple concept.  Many assume that they will lose weight if they eat fewer calories than they burn. The growing rate of overweight people (approximately two-thirds of all Americans) is indicative of just how complicated it can be to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Our nutritional staff focuses on addressing the root causes of weight management problems. Our view is that the weight loss industry is littered with short-term, quick fix approaches that are generally ineffective. We believe that there are three main underlying factors that contribute to weight challenges, including poor dietary habits (often based in an insufficient understanding of nutrition), an imbalanced lifestyle and poor body image.

Our staff takes a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve the following:

  • Understand your body’s unique nutritional needs, including use of saliva testing when needed to assess for hormone imbalances that may contribute to weight challenges
  • Develop a daily diet that optimizes your body’s metabolic efficiency so that your body is able to effectively use the nutrients it’s storing (when metabolic efficiency is attained through a balanced diet, blood sugar and insulin levels are properly managed and your body can burn fat)
  • Reduce incidents of emotional eating
  • Make lifestyle modifications that support optimal health, including exercising and learning stress management skills
  • Develop a positive attitude about your body and your relationship with food

Through these steps, weight loss goals and maintaining your desired weight become much more attainable.

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