Nutrition for your mood

Nutrition as a way to improve your mood makes sense. The healthy functioning of the central nervous system and of the endocrine system is essential to maintaining a healthy mood and energy level.

Life stressors, such as emotionally challenging experiences, poor nutrition or diet, environmental toxins and the effects of medications often lead to imbalances in our bodies which then contribute to the following mood difficulties:


Nutrition for mood and body improvement.

  • Depression
  • Low energy with fatigue
  • Loss of motivation
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Anxiety
  • Diminished attention and concentration
  • Addictive behaviors

Restoring nutrition balance in our bodies becomes vital to feeling better when these types of symptoms have developed. Our nutritional staff works to restore health through the following methods:

  • Dietary changes aimed at stabilizing management of blood sugar levels and reducing the effects of food allergies and food sensitivities. Mediator Release Testing may be used to assess for food sensitivities.
  • Rebalancing hormone levels through use of nutritional supplements in order to boost the availability of brain chemicals that support a more positive mood, enhance attention and concentration and create a sense of calm. Saliva testing may be used to assess hormone imbalances.
  • Lifestyle modifications that produce increased resilience to managing stress

The end goal is to naturally maximize the body’s capacity to withstand the demands of a modern lifestyle so that you can relax, restore and be content.

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