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Brianna Hill, MHT


I always identify myself as having a person centered approach first and foremost in order to put emphasis on the importance of meeting each individual client where they are on their mental health journey, and walk with them side by side as we continue to unpack and discover how they can reach their individual and unique goals. I also specialize in modalities such as CBT and emotion focused approach in order to help client process both thoughts and emotions and not only process them but better understand where they are rooted and how to manage them moving forward.

I want potential clients to now they are welcomed to come as they are, and take a collaborative journey to improving their mental health and feeling a little bit better than they did the day before. My goal is for client’s to not only feel as though they have a place to come to to process whatever obstacles they may be facing but also walk away with the skills and tools they need to tackle their day to day life on their own with more confidence and assurance.