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Emily Bonar

I am a provider at our Greensburg clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I work with teens and adults struggling with life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance use. I also like to work with women with issues around pregnancy, perinatal therapy. I plan to become certified in the near future. Sometimes individuals know that they are not where they want to be in terms of their mental health but aren’t sure exactly what they need to work on or change in their lives to get there. My goal is to develop a trusting, warm, empathetic, non judgmental relationship and environment. This allows clients to safely explore their lives, wants and needs with me so that they are getting what they truly want out of their time in therapy. 

Each client is unique, so my approach varies depending on the client’s needs. In general, I approach my time with clients through a person centered lens, where I provide an accepting environment for honest self exploration. I tend to incorporate themes from cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients look at the negative core beliefs they may not realize they hold about themselves and the world. We can explore how these beliefs impact their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how to challenge and reshape these beliefs and heal from the wounds that have caused them. If a client is healing from trauma, I will use a trauma specific approach such as cognitive processing therapy. I also may incorporate mindfulness techniques to bring clients back into the present moment to help decrease anxiety and depression. In addition, we can explore whether or not how an individual is coping in life is harmful to their wellbeing and work together to develop new, healthy, coping skills to lean on in those tough moments in our lives.

I have lived close by all of my life, in Latrobe. I graduated with my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Pennwest University and have been working in the field since and I absolutely love it. In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband and daughter outside fishing, grilling, or going on walks. I also love going to new restaurants or to the movies.