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Melanie Fuhr


I admire mutual respect and transparency in the therapeutic relationship. As well as an understanding of mutual work and effort coming from both the client as well as the clinician’s side. I’m always willing to put in the same amount of work and effort the client reciprocates. However, I do also believe in establishing healthy boundaries and being mindful not to put in more work into therapy than client is willing to reciprocate. Balance is key.

I can offer a safe, judgement free environment for the client to utilize as they see fit and beneficial to them. I believe I have sound active listening skills as well as the ability to both offer and receive respectful feedback as well as criticism. I am highly creative and often implement art, music, and other existential therapy techniques and interventions in my sessions. I have experience working with diverse range of clients in multiple different levels of care settings and have been known to exhibit exceptional, ethical, empathetic, and empowering rapport with clients in my experience thus far as a clinician.

I’m caring, creative, and unique and get along well with others. I am a team player and believe in teamwork. I’m ready and willing to put in as much time and effort as they are into their therapy journey. And I am always up for new adventures!