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Nedda Malik, MSCP

I am a provider at our Monroeville clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I work with children from the age of 5 years old to young adults who are looking to obtain support in various areas of their lives. I specialize in helping these individuals maintain and cope with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, and other behavioral issues. I also help clients in other areas such as working with trauma, developing social skills, relationship issues, life transitions, or any other stressors that affect day-to-day life. Therapy goals for my clients may include identifying/understanding their emotions and feelings, developing coping skills, conflict resolution, building healthy relationships, building self-confidence, and decreasing unwanted behaviors.

As a therapist, I try to create a supportive and non-judgemental environment where my clients can freely express themselves and receive guidance. As for my style of therapy, I use a mixture of the ecosystemic family therapy model, CBT, and mindfulness therapy to adapt to the needs of the client. Having a background as a family-based mental health therapist, I have a wide range of activities and out-of-the-box therapy techniques, along with the typical talk therapy, to help 2 engage younger clients, including clients’ interests, and make sure the client’s needs are met.

I would like everyone to know that I began this journey into becoming a therapist due to my mental health taking a fall. I struggled with anxiety and had issues in my household that lacked the understanding and support that was needed for me to work on myself. This motivated me to fill the gap in my community of Pakistani adolescents and young adults. However, as I started studying psychology and working in the field, it blossomed more into emphasizing the importance of mental health for any individual. I now strive to build a therapeutic bond and allow a safe space for my clients on their journey of personal growth and recovery.