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Timothy Bullock, MD

Timothy Bullock is a smiling man with a short beard. He is wearing a brown suit jacket over a blue and pink gingham dress shirt.I am a provider at our Monroeville clinic who provides psychiatry services in-person and via telehealth. I work with clients experiencing a lot of trouble in life. They may not understand why but would like to function better and be whole. I listen and ask questions, recommend medical tests or further assessment if needed. We would discuss and agree on a path forward. The journey to recovery & wholeness takes time. Medications can certainly be very helpful, yet there are often ways of thinking & handling life which hold us back, & sometimes issues or hurts needing mending. The process of growth & healing takes honesty, courage & hard work; it’s a privilege to come alongside someone in their time of need.

I am interested in each patient as a whole person, not just the symptoms he or she is experiencing; I help patients understand what they’re going through and ideally why, and what we can do about it together. As a psychiatrist, I help rekindle hope for life.

I encourage those who are having a lot of difficulty in life, who may deal with heavy moods & may even be wondering if life is worth living, or who are concerned that the ways they have been dealing with life may harm those they love the most; come in & together we’ll find out what is going on and what can be done to help. You are worth the investment.