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New Directions Counseling Experts on 100.7

City’s Expert Counseling Team Provides Valuable Advice During an Unprecedented Time

by David A. Morris, LCSW

expert counselors new directions counseling on radio

Our first pandemic together has been a memorable yet stressful time. No one imagined it but coronavirus came to our country and necessary changes had to be made. 100.7 Bubba Morning Show approached New Directions Counseling to be experts in areas of community, teenagers, staying connected, trauma, and relationships. Hosts Bubba and Melanie asked pertinent questions close to their listeners hearts and our expert team of counselors provided applicable tips.

Listen to Jennifer Fuchs, LMFT share on how to deal with teenagers during pandemic.

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Listen to David A. Morris, LCSW share ideas on staying connected within the rules of the CDC.

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Experts in community New-Directions-Counseling-DM


Listen to Lacey Marks, LCSW talk about how to get along with each other.

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Listen to Allison Bashe, Ph.D talk about how to stay present during Coronavirus.

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Experts in Mindfulness _New-Directions-Counseling-AB


Listen to Maegan Dougherty, LPC share about trauma during pandemic.

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