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Finding TMS Therapy Near Monroeville

In Pennsylvania, 21.7% of adults reported being told by a health professional that they have a depressive disorder—including depression, major depression, minor depression, or dysthymia.1 Depression can be a debilitating condition affecting all aspects of a person’s life, including work, relationships, and overall well-being. While there are various treatment options available for depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy has been gaining recognition as an effective alternative for those who have not found relief from traditional methods.

At New Directions Mental Health, we offer TMS therapy in Monroeville, PA. TMS therapy may help to improve symptoms of depression by regulating mood and emotions. If you are looking for TMS therapy near Monroeville, PA, look no further than New Directions Mental Health. Call us today at 724.374.7414 to see if you might be a candidate for TMS therapy.

What Is TMS Therapy?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression. Typically used when other depression treatments haven’t been effective, TMS therapy involves delivering repetitive magnetic pulses, which leads to changes in the brain’s neural networks.

It is conducted with a treatment coil positioned near the forehead on the person’s scalp. The magnetic pulses then pass into specific brain regions involved in mood regulation. This low-risk procedure can allow clients to return to normal activities immediately after each treatment session. TMS therapy is FDA-approved and has proven to be an effective depression treatment option. New Directions Mental Health’s TMS therapy near Monroeville, PA, can help those seeking alternative treatment options.

Advantages of TMS Therapy for Depression

TMS therapy carries several notable advantages and has demonstrated significant effectiveness as a treatment option for depression, such as:

  • Non-invasive and low-risk – TMS therapy does not involve any anesthesia, surgery, or sedation. This makes it a low-risk alternative for individuals who may be sensitive to medication or have underlying medical conditions.
  • Minimal side effects – While some clients may experience mild headaches or scalp discomfort during treatment sessions, these side effects typically subside within the first week of treatment and do not require any medication. However, any persisting side effects should be communicated with your healthcare provider.
  • High effectiveness – Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of TMS therapy. Many clients who have not responded well to traditional depression treatments have found relief with TMS.
  • Convenience – TMS therapy sessions are typically 20-40 minutes long, and clients can resume their normal daily activities immediately afterward.

If you’re looking for TMS therapy near Monroeville, PA, come to New Directions Mental Health. Our state-of-the-art treatment center provides a caring and supportive environment to help clients on their journey to recovery.

Tips on Finding a TMS Therapy Provider Near Monroeville, PA

When seeking a TMS therapy provider near Monroeville, PA, consider the following tips to ensure you find a provider that aligns with your needs:

Look for Specialized Expertise

Ensure your potential provider is specialized in administering TMS therapy and has received sufficient training. It’s necessary that they have a thorough understanding of the therapy and its potential impacts.

Verify Licensing and Accreditation

Ensure the TMS therapy provider is licensed and accredited by relevant health authorities. This ensures the provider adheres to the required standards of practice and maintains a high quality of care.

Consider the Environment

The environment in which you receive treatment can impact your overall experience. Look for a treatment center that provides a comfortable, professional, and supportive environment.

Check Reviews and Testimonials

Look at online reviews and client testimonials to gain insight into the experiences of previous clients. This can give you some idea of the quality of care provided and the effectiveness of the therapy.

Finding the right TMS therapy provider for you is crucial in your journey to better mental health. New Directions Mental Health can be your choice of provider for TMS therapy near Monroeville, PA—our team of specialized professionals who are dedicated to helping you find relief from depression.

How Can New Directions Mental Health’s Mental Health Treatment in Monroeville, PA, Support Your Overall Wellness?

A recent report finds that nearly 40% of adults in Pennsylvania reported symptoms of anxiety or depression.2 This shows that mental health continues to be a prevalent concern in the region.

At New Directions Mental Health, we understand everyone’s mental health journey is unique and requires personalized care. Our team of licensed professionals offers comprehensive mental health treatment services, including TMS therapy. We are committed to providing our clients with compassionate and evidence-based care to help them achieve optimal mental health.

About 57% of Pennsylvanians ages 12 to 17 with depression did not receive any care in the past year2—it is our mission to change statistics like this one by offering accessible mental health treatment options like TMS therapy in Monroeville, PA. Don’t wait any longer to find relief from your depression symptoms.

Contact New Directions Mental Health to Schedule an Appointment for Depression Treatment Today

New Directions Mental Health is here to support you if you are searching for TMS therapy near Monroeville, PA. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. If you’re ready to take the next step in your mental health journey, call 724.374.7414 or click here to reach out to our team of empathetic mental health care experts! For existing clients, please click here and find your office location to contact your office directly.


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