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Job Stress and Stressful Environments

Have you found yourself thinking this summer “Is my job toxic? Is it the best place for me? Should I make a change?” Maybe it’s the extended daylight. Perhaps the summer vacation that give us more time to think. Or maybe the discussions with family and friends during the warm evening barbecues. Many clients come to New Directions citing stressful environments at work and questioning if their position at their current employer is what is most healthy for them.

Our jobs comprise at least 40 hours of the week, but add commuting, after-hours phone calls/emails/texts, and the time we spend stress thinking about work; it’s more like 60 hours per week. The Atlantic Monthly reports the average American spends 38 additional hours per year sitting in traffic. So, when things are awry at work it impacts our whole lives. This includes relationships, finances, and families.

Determine if your workplace and your contentment could use a change:

Toxic Work Environment

Has constructive criticism been replaced by harsh commands? Have you noticed teasing turned into sexually demeaning statements that are stressful to you and others? Has a competitive work environment shifted to abusive behaviors, backstabbing, bullying, and total loss of loyalty? No one deserves to be treated poorly or completely neglected. To do so, can sap of us of our energy.

Complacency or Apathy

Have you noticed that 2-3 years ago your motivation/energy was much higher? Are your yearly reviews incrementally getting worse? Are you counting the hours, calculating your pay down to the cent, and zoning out until your vacation starts? Complacency can be a job killer. When it is negatively nurtured then apathy will set in. This is a terrible feeling for both the employee and their employer.

Emotional and Physical Boundaries

Do you talk, act, emote differently at work then anywhere else in your life? Are you noticing that your boundaries are too loose at work? Is your language is more abrasive, you flirt too much, you share too much? Sometimes we get so comfortable at work, we forget the boundaries that keep us in healthy relationships.

Don’t let these questions go unanswered. It could indicate a stressful job environement. It often can lead to increased stress, more anxiety, less energy and the onset of situational depression. You are not alone in this battle. The clinicians at New Directions have years of experience with hard working professionals. They understand a stressful environment and how to make a change.

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