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After a Trauma, How To Start Feeling Better

Start Feeling Better

Post – Trauma Tips by New Directions Counseling Services

post trauma tips new directions counselingUnexpected. Hard to imagine. Breath stealing. Shocking. Traumas take something from us that takes time to recover. They are difficult to process in the moment and confusing to reflect upon. Often, our emotions are a roller coaster ride that is difficult to get off. Our trauma therapists have put a few tips together to help you start the process of healing and recovery.

  • Talk – Talk about it. Work to express yourself with those around you; talk about your point of view, ask others about their experiences with the event, and try your best to remain open and willing to discuss your feelings about the event.
  • Feel – Allow your emotions to run their course. Shock, sadness, fear, anger, and more will rise and fall away. Allow yourself to experience the emotion rather than suppress it. Consider using art, writing, religious expression, or physical activity as a cathartic release after trauma.
  • Gather – Find a supportive community to connect with. Social gathering can be an amazing healing factor after a trauma. This is an opportunity to meet someone else’s need while they are meeting yours.
  • Ground – Focus on breathing and noticing your 5 senses can be helpful. Use a grounding statement to yourself, such as “I’m scared because the past is coming in, but I’m safe now.” This helps your body and mind integrate in the present moment.
  • Seek – Seeking out a trusted person, friend, family or professional, who can offer support is one of the most valuable coping mechanisms someone can use.

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