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Weight Loss Process Revealed

Weight Loss Process is a Process

Know and accept the stages to motivate the change you want

By Jessica Marshall, RD

Our current pandemic-laced and yet still fast paced world makes losing weight difficult. Hello meal delivery services! Information at our finger tips increases our need for instant gratification.  This mental shift has inevitably transferred over to our health goals. Unfortunately our expectations of achieving those health goals has shifted as well.  However, long term and SUSTAINABLE weight loss isn’t going to be fast.  Understanding and accepting this concept will help with patience for the process and self. It also will guide your trust, effort and success. It’s the diet vs lifestyle conundrum.

weight loss process - new directions nutrition counselingEveryone is different.  Bio-individuality is the best term to describe this idea. There is no “one size fits all” approach for everyone. The differences in metabolism, anatomy, physiology, motivation, environment, genetics, and nutritional status all set the stage for the weight loss process.

Our bodies react to interventions such as food adjustments, medications, and supplements differently. In fact, it can sometimes be different from the originally studied and anticipated mechanism of each intervention.  Sometimes certain bodies react poorly to an intervention that expected to be benefit the person. This is where frustration can mount. However, your awareness and mindset will be a positive influence on your expectations. This in turn is a critical piece to the completion of your goals.  It’s not only about what’s on the plate, it’s what is inside the person.

At New Directions Nutritional Counseling Services, we’ve narrowed down the factors for the person to become the best version of themselves.  We do so by addressing the person’s motivation to change, giving them accountability, utilizing education to make change. This allows you to make the changes outside the sessions. We want to encourage consistency of efforts over time for longer lasting effects. We aim to acknowledge and investigate environmental differences (inside and outside the body). Finally, we assess and replete the nutrient status in the body.

Bottom line is we all have different imbalances in the body and learning styles which can stall our efforts.  There is certainly a helpful base to teach the basics, but finding out what works for the individual is paramount to longer term and more dramatic results in the end.

Targeting the individual’s body and uncovering root causes that hinder their weight loss is imperative. It is highly rewarding since these measures finally stimulate positive change. But (and there is always a BUT) the timeline can be so very different from person to person.  Knowledge is half the battle, but the consistency of effort over time will set you apart from past attempts in this process.  Massive change means taking action consistently until you get what you want no matter what.  Do you have the tools in place to achieve this?  That is our goal when you collaborate and engage with a nutritionist at New Directions.

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