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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Values

Pittsburgh Business Times Turns to New Directions for Guidance

When Pittsburgh Business Times devoted an issue of their magazine to mental health and workplace wellness values, they found solid guidance from the leaders at New Directions Counseling. [read full article]

Founder and owner Michael Schneider, Psy.D. started off the conversation, “If you think about the pandemic and mental health — ambiguity, uncertainty, a lack of a sense of control and social disconnection — that’s a breeding ground for mental health problems and psychological difficulties. You can’t deny the reality of what we are dealing with but instead try to keep in mind how you work with those factors and mitigate the impact of it.”

workplace wellness - new directions counseling

Dr. Allison Bashe, New Directions clinical director, and Dr. Michael Schneider, owner and founder of New Directions Counseling.
JIM HARRIS/ PBT – image courtesy of Pittsburgh Business Times

Clinical Director, Allison Bashe, Ph.D. noted the efforts made at NDCS to engage staff and employees including virtual parties, in-person walks in the park, and phone call check-ins. She added, “Humans are social creatures. We need that social time,” Bashe said. “When you don’t have that ability to connect with your colleagues in the kitchen, grabbing lunch, grabbing coffee, meeting in the hallways, you don’t have that social time. We made a huge effort (online) to do that this year.”

Dr. Schneider concluded that with the pandemic came anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty. Workplace wellness involves supporting those around you. “The people who are being supported are doing better, and the people who are not being supported I think are struggling,” Schneider said.

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