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Laura Nirella, LPC

I am a provider at our South Hills clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I provide trauma informed counseling and work to instill hope and create reasonable goals for each client. For older and young adults and youth, I provide solution focused therapy, CBT, and also utilize a didactic approach. With creativity and play, I can help youth meet their goals, build self-esteem, help them discover new ways to connect and communicate with their caregivers, providing unconditional positive regard. I work with parents to help build structure and communication, model appropriate boundaries, and help support parents and child together as they make changes. 

Many of my clients present with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, or feelings of grief and loss. Some attend session because they are struggling with raising their children and request support and suggestions on how to connect with and care for their children in healthy ways. I work together with my clients to look at presenting symptoms and then create a plan together that will empower them to use coping strategies, feel heard, and receive affirmation that change is possible and that they are the agents of change. I believe there is hope for every client who walks in the door and will support them through their journey.

If you are struggling to feel connected to the world around you, feel isolated, depressed, anxious, or struggle to find hope in your current situation, please reach out. Do you have a child who you feel needs extra support with social skills or is struggling with other emotional issues? I’m here to help build communication skills, skills relating to self-esteem and help forge a stronger bond between child and caregiver. If you feel it’s time to make changes in your life and are ready to take the first step. Reach out and contact me. I’m ready to walk this new journey with you.